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   I feel great disappointment that you would not help me and that the louis vuitton replica bags sale I have looked forward to wearing must be returned. I am very sad fake louis vuitton bags sale would not send a replacement that it could guarantee works 100% - time AND bag. This has not been a good experience. I have been to a jewellers and they said I will need a new strap, I will have to pay for the strap and the fitting of the strap. I do not want to pay any more money for this bag as I have already paid enough for it. Please can this get resolved in the form of a refund, as the bag is new.

   Thank you for the very speedy delivery of the louis vuitton replica bags sale. Although this was very efficient there are a few things that I am not very happy with. Firstly I got the bag on the basis that the bag is the same as the description on the website , which it is not. Secondly the hardware is badly designed as the strap does not go in properly so does not fit me.

    Please send me the address where I must return the faulty fake louis vuitton bags sale I received from US so that I may receive a FULL refund of 72USD PLUS postage to return the faulty item, as payment for sending it back must be the responsibility of US.

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